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ok um it was funny then it wasnt now its funny again im so confused i think the lil azn kid from code monkeys took over the main good thing about it is now me and a bunch of others dont sound like such downies when we type we sound usa ok numah one unhuhunhuhunhuh no useless comment we a ok ok! me Rub wussy do you Rub wussy WUSSY!!!!!!!!

Soon very soon were going to see tom rocking the shit stash trust me and then you will be all hunted down like dogs by fan boy mods that will ban your account and rape your grand mother while you watch.... I hope they can take a joke if not get a life go get laid stop spending countless hours watching japanima and searching newgrounds for the next thing you can ban while you bust you nut all over pictures of tom fulp GO GET LAID!! Fucking hate mongers poopy heads!!


2008-11-19 20:14:57 by worldsXdeadliestXman

my poop smells like poop dog poop smells alot like my poop unicorn poop smells like RAINBOWS!!!!(yay) and leprechaun poop smells like whiskey and patatos